Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Streamline your Sell-Work-Bill process

Take CPQ to the Next Level

Bridge the gap between sales, projects and finances to maximize success and customer expansion.

Sell - Configure Price Quote


Send sales orders directly to PI® from any CRM

Work - Configure Price Quote


Auto-convert sales orders into projects

Bill - Configure Price Quote


Create invoice records from your projects

Sell - Sync your CRM

Make generating proposals and sales orders easier than ever directly from your CRM. Sales can continue to work where they're at in the best-of-breed tools to help find, field and finalize opportunities.

CRM Connectors
Electronic Signature Integration

Work - Proposals to Projects

Automagically break proposals down into tasks, projects, contracts and more from the high-productivity tools your team is used to working in.


Bill - Data to Dollars

Effortlessly translate billable work, time entries and expenses to dollars by unifying project data and finance software you're already using.

Invoice Generation, Time Management & Code Sync

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