The Man Behind Your Team's Success with PI®

Customer Success Coordinator

Meet Dylan

He's our Customer Success Coordinator. He has many leather-bound books, his apartment smells of rich mahogany... He's kind of a big deal.

Fun Fact: He's played the Old Course at St. Andrew's in Scotland, Golf's Birthplace (So you know he's well-traveled)
Likes: The outdoors, photography and Diet Coke® (You know he looks out for his health)
Dislikes: Pickles and mushrooms (Not a picky eater, just knows what he's about)

More importantly, he's dedicated to improving our customer experience and making sure they get the resources they need to succeed while using PI®.

"There are a lot of resources available both on the web and from our team members, so my role is to coordinate those resources to the users. I love building relationships with people so it comes naturally to understand what our users need and at the same time provide solutions to them that will make their jobs easier, whether that’s with features in our software or not."

A Snapshot of Dylan's Day-to-Day

By now, if you're a system administrator in PI, you've probably gotten a call from Dylan to see how things are going or how we can improve your experience. When he isn't calling customers to check in on them or writing follow-up emails, he actually does a lot of work behind the scenes. He works closely with our sales and implementation team to coordinate onsite meetings with customers, get customer feedback and he even puts the fire under technical support to get lingering customer issues and questions resolved. That's right, Dylan is all business.

"During a customer check in I was meeting some of the team leads and getting to know their process. On the call I reviewed their past support ticket and confirmed it was resolved after discussing. When speaking to the team lead about user adoption, she asked how to balance the PMs to either let tasks run past due in red and moving the due dates of tasks forward; this was more of a trusted adviser training question (with no right answer), so I asked her to explain while I took notes. I then set up a follow up call with them after discussing with the rest of our team. Shortly after, we had a brief call with Margaret (Our PI#champion) and their team to give some advice. The team was able to get their question answered so they can work more efficiently as a company when using PI."

More importantly, he's accessible. So what can Dylan do for you and your team? If you have questions, comments or feedback about your user experience with PI, Dylan is the man with the plan. He can connect you with the right people and the right resources when you need it most. You can always send him an email (He's super nice and not just because it's his job!).

Be sure to follow him on Twitter where you can send him questions directly and get user tips and insights to make your job easier.

Why Does Customer Success Matter?

Simple as this: We have an amazing tool that our developers and everyone in the company has put a lot of love and labor into to help people connect their teams and aggregate their data; but what does that matter if we don't have customers to help us improve and grow our business?

"Customer success is important because it focuses on what's important to the customer. Once they get through the sales process and start implementing the software, they’re using it for a specific reason. Where customer success comes in is making sure that that need is still getting met through the software or our services. We understand that just like any business, things change and so do needs. By building strong relationships with our customers, we can be aware of those changes and continue to add value to their business process and make their job easier every step of the way."

Everything we do is centered around how we can make our customer's jobs easier; they drive our success. So in return, it's essential to make sure we're doing everything in our power to be their partner in success through every phase of their projects and business.

Want To Learn More About Dylan?

Use the #MeetDylan on Twitter or Facebook to send Dylan a question, comment or feedback about PI!

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