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Managing your work has never been easier. PI is capable of aggregating and reporting on all of the projects and work across your entire organization. Our full-featured enterprise edition integrates with key software tools so you can automate all your team's work in one place!

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Unify Your Work

With dozens of apps on the market that use different methodologies to keep track of work, organizations often struggle to fit their teams into a singular, monolithic system.

PI successfully aggregates data from key applications like Jira, Zendesk, DevOps, QuickBooks, and other high-productivity tools to provide stakeholders with real-time insights across their organization. The ability to streamline projects from all methodoligies is powerful for PM's too.

Project Insight Popular Features

Intelligent Scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

Leverage automatic updates across projects when schedules change - even easier with drag-and-drop.

Resource Allocation

Capacity & Resource Allocation

Get a full picture of resource capacity, work progress, and workloads across all departments in an instant.

Time-Tracking and Time Sheets

Time-Tracking & Time Sheets

Track time across all projects so your team can easily submit their time.

Reports & Portfolio Management

Reports & Portfolio Management

Customize, share, and report on data in a visual & collaborative way for key stakeholders.

Budgets, Billing, and Invoices

Project Budgets, Billing, and Invoices

Make informed decisions about project actuals, expenses, and planned profits. Integrate directly with your billing platform.

Centralized Collaboration

Centralized Collaboration

Keep all project documents and communication in one place for end-to-end visibility.

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