Project Insight Integrations

All the tools you need to unify your work!
Aggregate your work from key applications and high-productivity tools with PI's out-of-the-box integrations

Project Insight for Zendesk Support

Manage issues and tickets to streamline customer succcess.

Project Insight for Zendesk Sell

Bridge the gap between your sales department and projects across your enterprise.

Project Insight for Jira

Easily convert story points to dollars and get a clear picture of progress, capacity, and expenses.

Project Insight for Azure DevOps

Connect your developers' work with project plans in PI® for instant forecasting and visibility.

Project Insight for Salesforce

Connect your sales orders with projects to make CPQs and billing easier and more accurate than ever.

Project Insight for QuickBooks

Manage finances, invoices, biling, and projects in one centralized hub.

Project Insight for Trello

Dynamically sync and get more done with this two-way productivity integration.

Project Insight for PageProof

Review, approve, and collaborate on all your visual media directly from PI®.

Project Insight for Office 365

Manage all your documents and emails directly from PI® when you integrate with Office 365.

Project Insight for Microsoft Project

Easily connect and import project data from MS Project into PI® to make your job easier.

Project Insight for Gmail

Keep all communication in sync with clients and your team. Create tasks and issues directly from email.

Project Insight for Google Drive

Keep all your project documents and related items centralized and organized.

Project Insight for Slack

Get a VirtualPM to help you meet deadlines, add time to projects and keep communication centralized.

Project Insight for Microsoft Teams

Manage your work lists, projects, time, expenses, and more directly from Teams!
Customize Your Workspace

Tailor Project Insight to streamline your workflow

PI® supports multiple mainstream methods of Single Sign-On including:

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS 2.0)
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) environment
Add functionality and custom styling to your instance with JavaScript

Create new data inputs

Add even more functionality to your custom defined forms
No C#, VB.NET, Visual Studio, SDK, or API knowledge required
Use QuickLinks to connect PI® to other external applications for seamless integration with your CRM, help desk, and more

Google Drive
Zendesk Support

Developer Toolkit

Everything needed to build and expand your instance

Easily facilitate communication between two software applications:

Simple-to-use REST API
Build your own tools to effectively manage data within your application
Easy-to-use guide for implementation (API Methods and code samples)
SDK (Software Development Kit) developers can use the tools they know and love to completely modify PI®.

Extend the application to accommodate complex processes
Create custom hybrid reports environment
Develop entirely new modules and functions
PI as a Platform
Software developers with their own SaaS products can expand their feature set with PI®.

Break into the SaaS market using PI as your multi-tenant platform
Build your software on top of PI for a project management and collaboration base

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