What to Be Grateful for in the World of Project Management this Thanksgiving.

What are You Thankful for on This Project Management Thanksgiving?

 As Thanksgiving 2022 approaches, I'm sure most of us have lots to be thankful for. I know I do. But taking this from a different perspective, in terms of Project Management, what do we have to be thankful for? These things come to mind for me...

10. A steady job
9. A new project
8. A cohesive team
7. A cooperative client
6. A met deadline
5. Being under-budget
4. Fewer emails
3. Less manual entry
2. Saved time
1. Project management is here to stay

 Everyone still needs projects.
Yes, everyone still needs projects. So basically, I am saying I'm thankful that I'm still needed and still earning money doing what I love. Ok, maybe I don't LOVE project management, but I do like it, I'm good at it, and I get paid to do it and write about it. That's a very good thing, and I don't see the need for project management waning anytime soon.

 PMOs are getting better.
 I am thankful that more attention is being given to "professionalize" the project management office (PMO). It needs to be taken seriously and constructed with the long-term goals of the organization kept in mind and not just thrown together as the latest, greatest thing to do in project management. Organizations seem to be thoughtfully and carefully creating their PMOs and sometimes even getting outside professional help to do so. I've been part of too many failed PMOs that seemed to be constructed just because some manager with no PM experience at all needed something to do. Not one of those has ever worked long term or been of really any use to the organization.

A variety of good project management related software and tools are available to us for our projects.
There are many old and new project management related software tool options available, and it seems like I read about a new one or stumble on a new one every couple of weeks. Competition is a good thing. There are many sites and bloggers who like to review and give insights into their favorites or the ones that fit their needs the best. In fact, the hardest part for our PMs and PM infrastructures is likely figuring out which ones will meet their needs best, so it's not an easy decision nor is it a fast decision. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Summary / call for input
The bottom line is this - as we look around at our families and our friends and who and what we are thankful for, let's also look at our work world. Can you be thankful for your job, your colleagues, and the friends you've made at work? Then let’s give thanks. Please think about what you are thankful for inside and outside of PM and share it here - let's discuss and let those around you know that you are thankful for them. Do it now - the world can change on a dime.
Online 11/22/2022
Brad Egeland
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