Project Management Tips for Creating a Website

Here's 5 Project Management Tips

The success of your website project depends on how you plan and manage the entire process of your site creation from the initiation until when your website is live. Knowing the secrets of website project management will transform a tedious process into an exciting and memorable experience. We share valuable tips on how to achieve a great website timely with minimum stress.

1. Have Clear Objectives

Managing a website project requires that you have clear objectives to serve as the basis for creating policies and evaluating performance. The objectives should guide all the team members towards your goal. Whether you intend to sell products online, have a reputational management agency, or an affiliation website, knowing your objectives will help you achieve a site that will address all the core areas of your operations. Hence you need to document your goals clearly. It will also require you to decide the critical success factors to help you know when you have achieved your objectives.

2. Understand Your Stakeholders

Stakeholders refers to the people who have an interest in your website project’s failure or success. You need to carry out a comprehensive stakeholder analysis to find out who are the people that can help to make your project a success as well as those that are liabilities or hindrance to the success of your project. Such an analysis will help you to work closely with highly influential and supportive people. You need to draw up a strategy for dealing with both the groups.

3. Come up with Deliverables

Deliverables are the things you need to realize during the life of the project. Hence you need to liaise with other stakeholders to determine the project deliverables. Here is where you decide things like the Page layout of your website, how many pages should the website have, what will be the content for the individual pages among other deliverables. Having the deliverables helps the project team to understand the scope of the website project and what should be delivered.
You should have due dates for every deliverable. That will help to keep the members of the project on toes. It also helps to know the areas of the project that are lagging behind. You can investigate to find out the reasons for not being able to meet the project deadlines to enable you to resolve the underlying issues.

4. Project Planning

An excellent project planning will help you to know how you will achieve your objectives. It will address pertinent issues such as how many people will work on your website project, resources required as well as the budget. The project planning will help you to allocate roles to the project team members. A sound project plan is one that breaks down the components of the project into tasks for the project team. It will also help you to manage the entire team as it lets you know the results you expect from each member of your website project. A project plan also avoids misuse of resources as there is a justification for all funding that’s required for the entire project. Above all, during project planning, you need to establish the best website builder for small businesses. An excellent website builder will enable you to realize not only an appealing website but also responsive and SEO friendly.

5. Communication

Communication is an integral component of any project. Open, honest communication is the hallmark of a successful project. Team members should be free to share their opinions about the project without the fear of intimidation. As the team leader, you should communicate to each team member what you expect of them. You also have to communicate to them the project details and the progress. Receiving information is equally important. You should be able to access all relevant information about the project. A system of focused and regular communication can help avoid delays which might affect the performance in the project.

Wrapping it Up

The above tips will ensure you have a great website. However, how you manage your website and more importantly the reviews your websites get online will make or break your online venture. Bad reviews might injure your reputation. Knowing how to remove Google reviews will help you take care of bad reviews.

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Online 1/11/2019
Alexa Ortega-Mendoza
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