Top 5 PI Features To Fall in Love With ❤️

Ah, Valentine's Day! The one day we get to publicly express our gratitude for the love, friendship and partnerships in our lives. So, we're ready to wear our heart on our sleeve to bring you the Top 5 PI features you'll fall in love with!

5. Communication: If communication is the key to every great relationship, then @mention-ing, email notifications and our VirtualPM for Slack integration has your team covered.

4. Boundaries: Tried and true and everlasting as our love, our Resource Allocation Report is always there for you to know who is smothered with work and who can help share the project load.

3. Trust - Dashboards and Reports: Steadfast trust in a relationship comes from knowing what to expect day after day. Project Insight builds trust between you, your stakeholders and team members with reports that verify what's getting done on budget and on time with our customizable dashboards and reports. We make it easy to report, transform and share your data in an unprecedented way!

2. Support - PI Community: We're here for you, for better or worse! Do you know where to go when you have a support question? Whether you need guidance, want to vote on upcoming features or want to learn more about PI, you'll find it all in our community! Join the conversation.

And Finally...

1. Respect: Relationships that are meant to last are built on mutual respect (R-E-S-P-E-C-T! 🎵). We couldn't agree more. That's why we offer a wide variety of consulting services. Whether it's a RealPM to manage your PMO or a custom integration, you can always count on us to maximize your time and help move your business forward (We'll take care of TCB).

Today is a special day that highlights some of the features we have that make your job easier. At the same time, we know love doesn't come easy and that relationships are work! The other 364 days a year, we are consistently working on improving ourselves to make our relationships last. ❤️

We make improvements to our SaaS software every two weeks and you can read our latest release notes here. (Oh and pssst.... We have another release dropping tomorrow that includes a preview to the new and improved Time Entry Grid! 😉)
Online 2/14/2019
Alexa Ortega-Mendoza
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