Integrate Project Management Seamlessly with Azure DevOps

Tightly integrate project management with Azure DevOps using Project Insight. Achieve unparalleled visibility into your development work without requiring your developers to switch tools. Our platform is unique in its ability to report on Azure DevOps projects, epics, stories, and tasks, offering powerful two-way integration. Elevate your project management strategy with Azure DevOps by getting started today.
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Azure DevOps


Aggregate projects from Azure DevOps

Enable your teams to work in their preferred tools while integrating project management with Azure DevOps. This synchronization allows project managers (PMs) to better oversee project schedules and portfolio reporting, aligning with the goal to integrate project management seamlessly with Azure DevOps.

Our two-way integration ensures that your C-suite has comprehensive visibility into teamwork across all projects, underlining the integration of project management tools with Azure DevOps.
Project Insight Integrations
Roll-up Azure DevOps work into one solution for easy reports, hourly billing, and instant visibility. PMs get the data they need when developers update their DevOps tasks and user stories.
Developers prefer Azure DevOps, why make them switch to a different system? Maintain productivity and give PMs real-time progress reporting in Project Insight.
Automatically populate projects with Azure DevOps tasks and bugs to give status updates. Developers can send status updates to PMs without ever leaving DevOps.
Project Insight Integrations


Streamline Agile project management

  • Let developers view non-sprint tasks within their Agile tools, thanks to our integration with Azure DevOps, ensuring that project management is fully integrated.
  • Access accurate burndown charts that encompass non-dev projects, highlighting the benefits of integrating project management practices with Azure DevOps.
  • Gain time-tracking and capacity insights for agile projects, areas where Jira or Azure DevOps alone might fall short, underscoring the importance of integrated project management solutions.
  • Provide your executives with visibility across all projects in your organization through our integration with Azure DevOps, promoting efficient cross-team functionality and the potential to streamline operations and reduce costs by integrating project management with Azure DevOps.

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