QuickBooks Integration

Your accounting team can keep QBO and also automate invoices, time sheets, and expense reports directly from projects. Quickly invoice clients, eliminate double-entry, and eliminate separate spreadsheets. Get a bird's-eye view of project revenue at all times.
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QuickBooks Integration


Automate invoices more efficiently.

  • Save hours of valuable work time for your team
  • Use one tool to manage accounting and projects
  • Maintain precise financials connected tightly to project work
  • Create invoices directly from projects and time tracking
  • Determine and report on project profitablity, expenses, budgets, and invoices in real time
Know at a glance if projects are on time and within budget. Manage projects to their planned target budgets at the top level and compare it to actuals in real-time.
Turn client-facing project, aggregate expenses, and time entries into PI invoice records. Pass Project Insight invoice records with line items to QuickBooks for final invoicing.
Avoid double-entry and miscalculated project budgets. Our invoice reports provide accounting and project teams real-time financials so you get accurate reports at any time.

Over 10,000 users have found a
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