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Ask Our Customers
"We made the mistake of choosing a popular company for the pricing. They couldn't live up to their promises in features or supprt. We hurried back to Project Insight for a rescue and are very happy now."
- Lead PM at a software company
"Project Insight has been awesome. I have two other departments coming on board. It has been a real lifesaver for me, and we've really been able to keep track of our ever-changing schedules."
- PM at healthcare organization
"We've looked at a lot of other tools out there, and Project Insight's customer service is top notch. I get responses right away and help with customizations. It's been a great experience."
- Senior PM at biomedical research Facility
Powerful Features Across
Your Whole Organization
Easily reschedule tasks across teams using drag and drop, lead/lag, bulk scheduling, and dependency automations. Get time back in your workdays for everyone.
Capacity &
Effectively balance and monitor workloads across multiple projects including many teams. See your organization’s capacity and where you can assign work more efficiently. Even suggest resources by skill sets.
Time Tracking &
Time Sheets
If you’re billing clients based on project time, you need PI. Get time-tracking, project management, and billing all in the same tool. Report on time without jumping between sources.
Reports & Portfolio
Effectively balance and monitor workloads across multiple projects with many teams. See your organization’s capacity and where you can assign work more efficiently.
Project Budgets,
Billing & Invoices
Know at-a-glance if your projects are on time and within budget. Track all costs and expenses at every level of your project so you can report on values and targets in real time. Get insights so you can create better customer estimates next time.
Keep all project documents in one centralized place. Easily integrate with email, cloud storage, and popular communication tools like Teams and Slack. Capture signatures and documentation right from your teams’ mobile devices.
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